In the report, the client can see all the feasible condition to buy a house.

This report contains data and information that is publicly available and/or licensed from third parties and is provided to you on an "as is" and "as available" basis. The information is not verified or guaranteed. Neither this report nor the estimated value of a property is an appraisal of the property. Any valuation shown in this report has been generated by use of proprietary computer software that assembles publicly available property records and certain proprietary data to arrive at an approximate estimate of a property's value. RPR and its information providers shall not be liable for any claim or loss resulting from the content of, or errors or omissions in, information contained in this report.

image1Home Fact
  •  Beds
  •  Baths
  •  Price
  •  Sqft
homevalidationExtended Home Fact
  •  Beds
  •  Baths
  •  Interior Details
  •  Location Details
  •  School(Based on location)
homevalidationProperty History
  •  Media estimated home value
  •  Sales History
  •  Legal Description
  •  Sales & Activity
  •  Mortgage records
home evaluation reportMarket Activity
  •  Estimated Home Value
  •  Listprice Vs Saledprice
  •  Market snap shot
  •  Average price Adjustment
home evaluation reportMarket Health Char & Activity
  •  Media Estimated Home Value Vs Media Listing Price
  •  Media Sale Price Vs Sale Volume
  •  Median Listing Price Vs Sales Volume
  •  Listing Inventory
  •  Price per Bedrooms of Home Sold
  •  Media Sale Price by Square footage
  •  Price per Square foot of the Home Sold
  •  Price Range on Home Sold
  •  Age Range of Home Sold
  •  Inventory of Distressed Listing
  •  Median Days in RPR
homevalidationSelect Market Activity
  •  Active
  •  Distressed
  •  Pending
  •  Expired
  •  Recently Sold
pricing strategy

Recommended Pricing Strategy

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Seller’s Proceeds