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An agent at Magnisplus is offered the perfect result-assured online marketing tools to secure him the best of positive leads, thus improving his business and reach by miles.

Every effort of Magnisplus is clearly visible when the leads transform into business. The agents of the company are sure to reap in rich rewards, courtesy, lead generation management strategies enveloped in a technology-driven platform.

Lead Flow

Main Features

Lead Capture Notification

As soon as the new lead is registered, an agent will get notified by mail/alert.

Auto Assign Leads

An agent will be auto-assigned the lead based on the rotational shift system, wherein everyone will be given importance according to the policy.

Leads Mindset

The CRM of Magnisplus is so effective that it will assess the mindset of the leads based on the search criteria and history.

Hot Lead Tracking

The feature enables Agents to identify the lead as worthy and serious buyer, based on the regular visits and search criteria.

Smart email/Alerts

A lead gets emails based on his interests. He may also choose the option of scheduling the emails, like time, no. of emails and frequency.

Third Party Lead API Integration

Get the database of all the leads registered with different real estate websites here.